Harpers Ferry Explorer

Explore the history and beauty of Harpers Ferry through an interactive gallery of historical and contemporary photographs. Select any one of the above links to access our photo galleries. To pause the rotating labels, place your mouse over the aerial photograph and then click on one of the labels. There are ten location-specific photo galleries that span over two hundred years of history at Harpers Ferry. There are also seven galleries devoted to famous individuals who have had a profound impact on the story of Harpers Ferry:

  • George Washington was a strong advocate of commercial river navigation, and paddled the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry to personally inspect the rapids.
  • Thomas Jefferson visited Harpers Ferry and celebrated the natural beauty of the place in his “Notes on the State of Virginia”.
  • Meriwether Lewis tapped the Harpers Ferry Armory for weapons and supplies, highlighting the important role the armory played in the evolution of American industry and military technology.
  • John H. Hall devoted his uncompromising attention to the “uniformity principle” of interchangeable manufacture, laying a solid foundation for America’s developing factory system right here at Harpers Ferry.
  • James H. Burton perfected tools and machinery for the Harpers Ferry Armory, conducted rigorous experiments with improved designs for the Minié bullet, and documented his considerable accomplishments in highly detailed drawings.
  • John Brown’s 1859 raid on the Harpers Ferry Armory & Arsenal was a lightening rod for a divided nation, and hastened the advent of the Civil War.
  • W.E.B DuBois rallied African-Americans against Jim Crow laws and legal segregation when he convened the Second Niagara Conference at Harpers Ferry in 1906.

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