Publications include books, newsletters, brochures, direct mail packages, and program guides. These products rarely, however, stand by themselves. The look, feel, context, and message of each piece of your organization’s publications program should connect with other media or messages you convey. Everything you produce should relate both visually and through its content in such a manner that your audience recognizes it as a product of your organization. This connection may be obvious, or very subtle – but it’s this connection that creates a successful communications program. We look at publications, graphics, and Websites as integral parts of a successful communications program.

Inspect the Samples

  • Walker’s Guide to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (10-pages | 1.6MB | PDF) – View the cover and sample page spreads from the Eighth edition of this comprehensive guide to the history and beauty of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. 200 pages, Softcover, August 2016.
  • Civil War Battlefields: Walking the Trails of History (ll pages | 13.6MB | PDF) – From the “First Battle of Bull Run” to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House four years later, view the cover and sample page spreads from the 336-page book that celebrates the history and scenic beauty of these hallowed grounds. 336 pages, Hardcover, March 2017.
  • Book Review of Civil War Battlefields (l page | 6MB | PDF) – Book Review of Civil War Battlefields: Walking the Trails of History, from the Essential Park Guide, Spring 2017, published by
  • Photo Gallery of Civil War Battlefields – View a gallery of 92 photographs from dozens of visits to Civil War battlefields featured in the book, including Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • The View, Spring 1996 (4 pages | 248k | PDF) – The Flood of 1996 and the Association’s 25th Annual Membership Meeting.
  • The View, Spring 2001 (6 pages | 320k | PDF) – “Freedom’s Birth” special event and the park’s Peregrine Falcon restoration program.
  • The View, Spring 2003 (6 pages | 313k | PDF) – Lewis and Clark expedition at Harpers Ferry and the Association’s Education Adventures.
  • The View, Fall 2008 (6 pages | 1.3MB | PDF) – Archeological excavations at the U.S. Armory and Dr. Robert Kapsch’s new book, “The Potomac Canal”.
  • The View, Spring 2009 (6 pages | 1.4MB | PDF) – John Brown Raid Sesquicentennial and related park events.
  • The View, Winter 2010 (8 pages | 2.2MB | PDF) – “John Brown Remembered” – the park’s three-day sesquicentennial program on John Brown’s 1859 Raid.
  • The View, Spring 2010 (6 pages | 743k | PDF) – Evacuation of the Park Bookshop due to rising floodwaters and the 2010 Don Redman Heritage Awards and Concert.
  • The View, Winter 2011 (8 pages | 3.2MB | PDF) – Harpers Ferry before the Civil War and Park Bookshop staff recommendations for holiday gifts.
  • The View, Spring 2011 (6 pages | 2.1MB | PDF) – Outbreak of the Civil War and burning of the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, plus a tribute to Park Ranger and Association member David Larson.
  • The View, Summer 2013 (8 pages | 1.7MB | PDF) – Civil War Sesquicentennial events at Harpers Ferry, including the birth of West Virginia and prelude to the 1863 Gettysburg Campaign.
  • The View, Summer 2014 (6 pages | 2.0MB | PDF) – Civil War Sesquicentennial event on the 1864 defense of Washington.
  • The View, Spring 2017 (6 pages | 2.2 MB | PDF) – New newsletter design and format adopted to reflect organization name change to the Harpers Ferry Park Association.
  • HFC onMedia, September 2006 (9 pages | 1.07MB | PDF) – Grant-Kohrs Ranch, Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail; Map Starter Files.
  • HFC onMedia, November 2006 (8 pages | 1.2MB | PDF) – Conservators treat artifacts for Gettysburg; Cabrillo exhibit receives accessibility award; planning new signs for Craters of the Moon.
  • HFC onMedia, January 2007 (10 pages | 1.3MB | PDF) – HFC Editorial Style Guide revised; bilingual waysides for Everglades; Alaska Region media course.
  • HFC onMedia, March 2007 (7 pages | 934k | PDF) – Digital imaging project captures object photos for parks; new signs for Albright Training Center; HFC revises Accessibility Guidelines for Interpretive Media.
  • HFC onMedia, June 2007 (10 pages | 1.5MB | PDF) – Creating engaging Web content with Flash; Selma to Montgomery interactive program wins award; new exhibits bring geology of the Grand Canyon to life.
  • HFC onMedia, September 2007 (14 pages | 1.9MB | PDF) – Kenai Fjords explores use of moveable wayside exhibits; Flourissant Fossil Beds develops exhibits on a budget; new exhibits for Central High School and Homestead National Monument.
  • HFC onMedia, November 2007 (18 pages | 1.5MB | PDF) – Accessibility issue: Kings Mountain receives accessibility achievement award; C&O Canal, HFC and NCR host accessibility workshop; large print brochure for C&O Canal; tactile wayside exhibits for Gulf Islands National Seashore.
  • HFC onMedia, February 2008 (10 pages | 1.4MB | PDF) – New map for Dry Tortugas; graduate student completes study of 2D vs. 3D trailhead maps; Museum Exhibit Planner; HFC publishes new wayside exhibit grids.
  • HFC onMedia, March 2008 (9 pages | 1.2MB | PDF) – San Juan National Historic Site completes installation of parkwide sign plan; new exhibits for Assateague Island; HFC’s new exhibit development process.
  • HFC onMedia, June 2008 (15 pages | 780k | PDF) – Interpretive techniques in new media; what new media products are parks using today; new film premieres at Homestead National Monument; new Graphic Identity Website launched.
  • HFC onMedia, February 2009 (12 pages | 3.2MB | PDF) – New signs for Hermits Rest at Grand Canyon; new exhibits unveiled at Great Falls Park and Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site .
  • HFC onMedia, August 2009 (12 pages | 5.4MB | PDF) – NPS and America’s Byways collaborate; partners make a difference with Interpretive Planning process; new wayside exhibits feature tactile objects.