Shenandoah Pulp Mill

  • 1807 – A double lift lock built to overcome a fall of about 17 feet is completed on this site, and the Shenandoah Canal opens at Harpers Ferry.
  • 1820 – Gun maker John H. Hall, under contract to the federal government, commences operations at Hall’s Rifle Works adjacent to the double lift lock.
  • 1844 – The government begins replacing Hall’s frame workshops with a new brick Rifle Factory.
  • 1861 – Confederate troops confiscate machinery from the Rifle Factory and burn the workshops.
  • 1884 – Thomas H. Savery, an entrepreneur and inventor from Wilmington, Delaware, purchases the old Rifle Factory site for $810.
  • 1888 –The Shenandoah Pulp Company begins operations. The factory housed disc barkers, shaking screens, wet press machines, and wood grinders with a capacity to produce about 40 tons of “Spruce Ground Wood Pulp” daily. The machinery was powered by five state-of-the-art horizontal shaft turbines.
  • 1935 – With business lagging, the Shenandoah Pulp Mill closes down after 47 years of operation.